Welcome to the City Gallery!

Hong Kong takes pride in its comprehensive town planning to shape the city as Asia's World City. The City Gallery, managed by the Planning Department, not only showcases the vision for the city's planning projects but also acts as a platform on which to engage and inform the public about our exciting and sustainable urban future.

Converted from the City Hall Annex Building with an overall floor area of 3,260 sq.m., the City Gallery was officially opened on 20th August 2012.

Visual Identity

In order to illustrate the dazzling charm and spirited assets of Hong Kong, our underlying principle of the design "City Expression" is to retrieve its vibrant and unique look and feel, which include the rolling ridge lines (Green layer), building profile and skyscrapers (Grey layer) and the spectacular night scene reflection of the Victoria Harbour (Rainbow color bar).

"City Expression" aims at showing the cosmopolitan outlook of Hong Kong blended into a harmonious and inspiring place to discover. To experience a fusion of the historical and metropolis face of Hong Kong, definitely you can admire the spirit of local arts, creativity and energy across our community.

City Gallery Logo

Mission and Vision


Our mission is to:

  • Provide an exceptional exhibition experience to showcase the achievements of Hong Kong’s town planning in our past, present and future
  • Act as a platform for collaboration and exchange of planning ideas with professional bodies, schools and interested organisations
  • Nurture the young generation by offering a wide range of activities and community programmes
  • Engage the public in the planning process for major planning projects in shaping a better and “liveable city” of Hong Kong


Our vision is to be the centre of excellence for promoting greater knowledge of town planning in Hong Kong for the community.