The story of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Talk Show

The Story of "Historic Buildings in Hong Kong"- Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

20 June 2022



City Gallery

Language : Cantonese

Speaker: Senior Travel Consultant Miss Betty Wong


Engaged in the tourism industry for over 20 years, Betty Wong has ample experience in planning and organising various tours and programmes including educational exchange, teacher training expedition, and physically challenged concern groups and church travel tours. She is touched by the old Chinese saying: reading ten thousand books is not as good as travelling ten thousand miles. Witnessing the rapid disappearance of historical traces and cultural heritage of Hong Kong in recent days ignites her already passionate heart delving into stories of past and present of many places.

As an inhabitant in the city, strolling around and discovering local stories are her beloved leisure activities. She enjoys contributing to many by re-telling the pieces of history unearthed and resembled by herself. In 2021, invited as a guest speaker to an online programme, Hello堅離地城, organised by HongKonger Station based in Canada, she talked about some of the intriguing past and present of Hong Kong, hoping many more to know this city - the land, its people and its happenings.

Her insatiable desires for learning fuel the motivation for continuous professional advancement. Already a registered tour guide, locally and internationally recognised, she set her goals and obtained the certification of Docent Education for History and Cultural Heritage offered by the HKU Space in 2021, and completed Basic Certificate of Regional In-Depth Tour Knowledge and Guided Tour Skills course in 2022.