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Thanks for visiting City Gallery. We value your comments on our present services, which will help us provide better services and enhance the quality of our Gallery. Information collected will be used for compilation of statistics only. You may choose to answer the following questions on a voluntary basis.

  1. How did you learn about our Gallery and its activities? (You may choose more than 1 item)

    Personal Recommendation

  2. Why did you visit our Gallery? (You may choose more than 1 item)

    To learn more about the planning and infrastructure in Hong Kong
    Passing by
    Attracted by the Exhibition themes
    Entertainment and leisure
    Research and study purposes

  3. Which part(s) of the exhibition did/do you like most? (You may choose more than 1 item)

    Interactive exhibits
    Film shows
    Gallery design
    Model display
    Photo Booth

  4. Which theme(s) of the exhibition did/do you like most? (You may choose more than 1 item)

    Unique Hong Kong
    Great World Cities
    Living Environment
    Protecting Our Heritage
    Hong Kong Next Century
    Transport & Communications
    Strategic Picture
    Strategic Infrastructure
    Sustainable Hong Kong
    Planning Process
    Main Show
    Land Formation
    Thematic Exhibition

  5. What is your impression about the content/information provided in the exhibition?

  6. How was the guided tour (if applicable)?

  7. Did you visit the Resource Centre?

    Yes No

  8. How do you like the information and resources in the Resource Centre?

  9. Please suggest which services/provisions of the Gallery could be improved. (You may choose more than 1 item)

    Customer Service
    Activity Booking
    Workshop/Seminar arrangement

  10. Will you visit again?

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  11. Will you recommend your friends to visit the Gallery?

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  12. What is your overall comment on the Gallery?

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  14. Do you reside in Hong Kong?

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